25 September 2013

Todays result: a camera mount

I have been trying to take night pictures lit up cities with a 15 second exposure time but I struggle to keep my camera perfectly stable. The best vantage locations are high up and usually a little windy. I have a small tri pod but it is easily blown around and results in a blurry image. 

I have printed a simple camera mount with a wide base for stability that holds the camera flat. It is not adjustable so to angle it I need to find a appropriate surface or place things under it. It is wide enough to place something heavy on the base to hold it down if need be.

The base is designed to print at 0.3 mm layer height, and the screw is designed to print at 0.1 layer height. Both models include an anchoring base layer to avoid warping. The screw model has a cooling structure around the part. I was successful printing in ABS at 75mm/s for the base and 20mm/s for the screw.  After printing run a knife around the edge of the parts to remove the construction material. 

The models are avaliable here

Assembled with camera

Picture of Adelaide

Blurry picture of Adelaide,
[note the trail through the sky left by a plane]


Close up of 1/4" thread