2 June 2013

Todays result: A box

I have made a box to cover my printer. It is made out a fruit packing box sourced from my local supermarket. It is a 65cm cube of 15mm thick cardboard and supports my full weight from the top. 

The original box carried pumpkins. It was a large octagon shape about 1.8m across with 4 square panels alternated with four smaller rectangular panels. Each panel had a flap that was stapled to a wood pallet.  I cut the box into pairs of one squares and one rectangle. The sections where reassembled into a cube with one face missing. Fencing wire and small MDF blocks where used to stitch the panels together. The wire was pushed through the cardboard and looped through a piece of MDF on either side. I sealed the edges and the holes left by handles in the original box.

I made to box to help keep it the printer warm while printing ABS. It has the added benefits of containing plastic smells and dampening some noise. 

The printer cables travel under the edge of the box.  I keep my circuit board outside of the box for better cooling. The MOSFETs get very hot and the steeper drivers warm a little. The box puts too much pressure on the Z-motor cable which is the shortest connection to the printer. The circuit board connector bends slightly and every time I lift the box to check progress I fear something will go wrong. 

 Box, grey sealer applied liberally, and fasteners visible

Model before assembling box to ensure it would fit.