27 May 2013

Todays result: A full set of Mendel90 parts

I now have one or more spares for every printed Mendel90 part.

I have lost count of the number of parts on my original Mendel Prusa style printer that I have replaced. It now is made of more replacement printed and electronic parts than original parts. After a period of being broken, once operational again the first thing I did was to print a spare for every printed part. 

The reasons parts have broken
  • PLA parts warped when printing ABS,
  • Extruder gears broke from ware,
  • Parts broke from stress or over tightening,
  • Generally delicate parts - the manufacture appears to have reduced the printed volume of many parts.

The same applies to the Mendel90, I have had to make at least four repairs now. The broken parts have either been PLA warping at ABS temperatures or bad prints to begin with. The Mendel90 is a much more reliable design. 

Having a 'spare' printer has reduced the need to backup the Mendel90, but I am also keen to one day convert the Prusa style printer into a Mendel90. I have been using periods between large prints to print a spare or two. The majority have been in PLA. I got carried away trying to print everything quickly and used PLA for some items that need to be ABS. I now have a few PLA spare of spares.

When printing ABS or for long periods in an enclosed chamber, parts near the extruder or in contact with the X Y or E stepper warp if made from PLA. PLA seams fine for the other parts.

In my experience parts that should be ABS
  • x-motor 
  • y-motor bracket
  • d_motor_bracket
  • wades_block
  • wades_gear_spacer
  • wades_idler_block
  • x_belt_clamp
  • x_belt_grip
  • x_belt_tensioner
  • x_carriage
  • x_carriage_fan_bracket
  • x_carriage_fan_duct
  • x_motor_bracket
  • y_motor_bracket

Full set of Mendel90 v2 printed parts (grey PLA, black ABS)

Mendel Prusa style printer, Note that the original part colour was dark grey.