10 May 2013

Todays result: Business cards

I made some business cards. They look good in transparent ABS. I made them to try and connect with other 3d printing minded people. I have been rather impressed with them and have made about 10 now trying different things. Most of them have ended as melted puddles of plastic as I "refine" the abs finishing process.

The cards are 0.6 mm thick for the background and the text is a further 0.6 mm. I have printed them at 20mms speed 0.2 layer height, but not noticed much difference printing them at 50mms 0.3 layer height. They take 15-30 min each so I won't be producing boxes of 500 any time soon. The text works best when viewed through the card, this means that it need to be printed backwards. The cards are made in OpenSCAD with the text imported. The background needs to be printed at 100% fill. The extrusion rate needs to be exact or the outcome is poor. The cards look good straight off the printer, but even better when acetone finished slightly, [then poor again if over finished]. Some trial and error is needed to get the text right, too fine and details go missing.

 Card just after printing.

 Card after acetone

This isn't a fair comparison as the before shot was lit from above and the after shot lit from below. The point is the lettering is more rounded, the lines from the diagonal fill pattern has been smoothed out, and the card is more see through.