5 May 2013

Todays result: Big blue lady

This is a test print to ‘quickly’ evaluate how the Pink panther woman model would print in layers. The model is a hollowed out version of the original and not just a ‘shell’ print. It was the precursor to the filled in version that I am currently working on.

It is printed in blue PLA at 0.2mm layer height, 20mms print speed, and took about 2-3 hours for each of the eight slices. The final height is 40cm tall. This was the limit my printer could manage, further and the horizontal foot print of the slices would exceed the print bed dimensions. 

Clips where necessary for the model to stand upright and balance the layers. The print has very little surface area for the next piece to sit on. I printed tray of clips but ended up breaking about 1/4 assembling everything.

The model was produced by:
  1. Scaling original to 40cm
  2. Offset surface inwards
  3. Repair and clean
  4. Invert model
  5. Merge with original
  6. Slice in to layers
  7. Flip some layers to print better

I used MeshLab for cleaning and merging parts and Netfabb for scaling, repairing, inverting and slicing into layers. Custom software of mine offset the original surface.

The hollow model is NOT available here.
Update: I'm sad to say I pulled the files. I didn't realise that the original was"All rights reserved" so I shouldn't be copying or distributing it.

The final model on top of my netbook for scale.

The nice lighting is from the sun shining through glass bricks at my front door.