27 April 2013

Today's result: A new power source

By using the outlet for the air-conditioning I can print more freely. My printer stops when other appliances are used in the house. I was limited to printing after dinner ->  before breakfast over night, and during work hours during the day, that is if no one else was using any of the disruptive appliances.

The print would usually stop when devices with electric motors where switched off. Disruptive appliances are fans, range hood, dishwasher, microwave, and I suspect the washing machine and kettle. Surprisingly the fridge doesn't cause problems.

Initial tests showed by using the AC outlet the range hood could be switched on and off safely, and a fan could be used from multiple places around the house without problems. When the fan was also plugged into the AC outlet the print stopped as expected. Since then I have successfully printed while dinner was prepared, and washing done.

Failed attempts to fix the problem
  • Using a dedicated power board for the printer and laptop controlling it had no effect
  • Using a desktop PC as a controller and powering the printer from the PC's power supply, this didn't seam to have enough capacity for both, in the end I accidentally shorted the 12v to GND and the power supply blew up
  • Multiple surge suppressors had no effect
  • Shielded USB cables had no effect
Individual circuit breaker for the air conditioner

Air conditioner outlet with a surge suppressor