19 April 2013

Todays result: Part 1 of 6, the neck

I printed out the neck piece of my modified version of the Pink panther model. The original can be found at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1216. The final print will be 30 cm high, it was going to be bigger but I was unsure if I would have enough plastic and printing time. This is one layer of six that will make up the full print. Each layer will have different internal structures. The final pieces are intended to be stacked vertically but remain separable so you can inspect each piece individually. The print is an ice breaker to approach the head of department I would like to network with. I used a new roll of natural ABS that I have never tried before but worked first time.

To produce the model I have used the free version of Netfabb studio, OpenScad, MeshLab, and a bunch of my own code.
  • Netfabb was used to slice the model into 50mm blocks, repair models, and edit triangles manually.
  • Open SCAD was used to render generated structure into meshes and cut meshes from each other ('difference').
  •  MeshLab was used mostly to merge ('flatten') meshes together
  • My code 'hollowed' out the initial model and generated the internal structure

The neck in slightly see through plastic