16 April 2013

Todays result: A second chance

I have decided to get back to this blog after several months idle. I stopped because after spending months working towards a new ‘better’ printer and then constantly failing to print anything reasonable I spat the dummy. I lost interest and hope in 3d printing and the printer was condemned to the corner.

...but after a break and some work on other neglected projects I found several motivations that lead me back into printing and eventually this blog. 

Reasons to resume blogging:
  • ·         I want to document my results, I realised that I need closure on projects
  • ·         I also want to get known a little outside of my immediate friends and colleges
  • ·         I want evidence of skills and work I have done for employment reasons
  • ·         It’s a good excuse to practice writing.

The plan is to focus on short results oriented posts, documenting methods, tools, results that are interesting and relevant, and include pictures

The printer in question, (not the real corner it sat in)