23 April 2013

Todays result: Part 2 of 6 the breasts

This is the second price of my pink panther model, filled with a new pattern.

The base of the print stuck well to the print bed. The part shrunk slightly as it printed and resulted in the lower 3-4 mm appearing to taper out slightly. I forgot to clean the nozzle before printing and there is some burnt plastic spots embedded in the lower levels.
I was afraid the the print would not finish. I ran it over night but it was still going the next morning.The printer stops when other appliances are used in the house. Normally I try to fit prints in the period after dinner before breakfast. Last night I started later than desirable because the printer needed fixing. Fortunately my partner had breakfast out this morning and it the print finished.

This section of the model is:
Natural ABS
50 mm high
Weighs ~80gm
Uses a hexagon style pattern
Took 10h44m to print

The second section of Pink panther woman model

It turns out that this is a good example of a slightly loose Y belt. The fine wave pattern that can be seen particularly in the the flat regions of the print was caused by the bed rocking back and forth.