19 November 2012

Make your own plastic!

When I was becoming interested in 3d printing I was trying to find out more about plastics.


I tried making my own, while science is fun, the results where a let down. The recipe just created a hot blob of bubbly gunk. I couldn’t shape it or do much with it, and ended up trying to smear it on some aluminium foil. Except for all the bubbles it was somewhat translucent. After several days It still hadn't dried, it just remained tacky. I tried to dry it heating some, and putting the rest in metho spirits.The heated quantity just burnt before it did anything else but the metho dried it out very well, it started to turn opaque white. When I removed the “plastic” from the metho it just became crumbly and broke apart.

If I run out of plastic I won’t be printing anything with items I can just grab from the kitchen yet.