11 November 2012


Now that I have my printer working after 7 months idle I can print its replacement - sort of mean really. For the last couple weeks I have been making a new printer.

I was excited to find a new design that that addressed a number of the problems I was having with my current printer and was by Nophead. It is called a Mendel90. I had previously followed his blog which gave me the impression he was insightful, interested in the printing community and developments buy with a good sense of reality and practical focus. hydraraptor.blogspot.com.au

I have ordered most of the parts, except the smooth rod and springs which I am having trouble finding. I have also found M3*8 screws are needed but do not appear in the list of build materials. I have also cut 6 and 9 mm MDF, printed the parts and put them together to see what they look like. The design uses a printed out template for drill holes that worked really well. Everything lines up and when assembled feels sturdy enough.  The more I assemble it the more I am impressed with its good design.

Screwing the parts together striped a few holes. It’s very easy especially using a drill to strip the MDF holes. I am hoping I can use wood glue to add a new surface for the screws to grip. 

I am looking forward to having a printer with linear bearings. The current printer Z bushing ain't very good and make the x structure very wobbly. If this design is as good as I hope, when it’s finished and have a second printer I will convert my current printer into one as well. Most of the smaller parts I have had to order in bulk and have at least enough for a second.

Frame from the front

Frame from the rear

Other printed parts