20 November 2012

Mendel90 Parts

I am missing some m3 screws that did not appear in the materials list. I found a mixed pack of m3 4 5 6 screws and nuts for $2.50 at Coles, though I found the same set for $2.25 at SuperBarn. The m3 screws in the pack where a bit longer than I needed, I was thinking that I could cut them to the right size.

I cut the screws and used them. By putting a nut on the screw before cutting it, once cut I undid the nut which forced the thread back into a usable state. However on screwing them into the steeper motors I found that at least one screw destroyed the thread and stripped it with no effort at all. I have stopped using cut screws and bought some 10mm M3s from Jaycar. If I ever need to cut screws again I will gently saw and file them, rather than the crushing – side cutter method I used.

At Bunnings I bought two cans of black spray paint (~$4 ea), a plastic drop cloth ($1), and well as a mixed box of springs. Springs seam soo expensive ~$3 ea. Even though I only needed 3 springs I bought a $20 mixed pack as it was cheaper per spring in bulk, and I like having spares. It also didn’t help that I wanted to finish having to hunt for parts, found it hard to locate springs, and am still confused what exactly the numbers mean (12 x 0.75 x 10, and 7 x 1 x 10).