9 November 2012

Printing a new pulley

I have tried several times to print a replacement pulley, but never succeeded until now. I needed one as the current PLA pulley is warping while printing ABS.

It took some creative thinking as the other remedies I read online didn’t work for me.
The magic slicer settings where set as follows
  • Nozzle size 0.25 mm
  • Extrusion multiplier x 1.5
  • Fill 100 %
  • Layer height 0.2 mm
  • Perimeters x 5
  • Cooling, on, minimum 15 seconds

My nozzle is really 0.5 mm and I have never had trouble with three perimeters or the usual flow rate. I made the nozzle smaller to force an increase in the X-Y resolution. The extra perimeters add more detail and build that detail in multiple iterations. The flow rate multiple was to really ‘pack in’ the plastic into the pulley.

The result was a really nice pulley, it didn’t come out oversized or bulgy, and is as solid as they come.
I drilled out the very centre and used it for that last couple prints. Now all I have to do is replace the larger one, and the extruder block, and the… ( see previous post).