9 November 2012

Parabolic reflector

Made a parabolic microphone collector attachment for me head set

Unfortunately it came out like poop. , I was having problems with plastic not extruding , I tried raising the temperature to make the plastic more runny but I obviously went too high.  There where little bits of burnt plastic mixed in everywhere. It was also printing faster than it was cooling. The supporting plastic was moving round more and more the higher up it printed and the layers got very messy. But in the end I had a plastic cup shape that was small enough to screw to my mic and should focus sound.
I didn’t observe any real improvement in the end, thinking it through the sound coming from my mouth [~ 6cm away] would not be very parallel or focus correctly.

I chose PLA because it is stiffer and hopefully reflect sound better than ABS. Designing the model I found that open scad will cut objects made from extrusion when quick compiled but not when generating the stl.